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Advanced Dura-Limb Resin

Advanced Dura-Limb Resin is the strongest, lightest, and most durable resin on the market today. Formulated for ease in fabricating orthotic and prosthetic devices. A 2% Benzoyl Peroxide paste is included which allows for 12-16 minutes of working time. The amount of paste can be deviated either slightly higher or lower to allow for a custom set gel time to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Dura-Limb Resin is specially formulated to work with all carbons and graphites, along with all other composite materials. Pigment can be added, allowing for a complete custom finish.

The unique formulation of Dura-Limb Resin can handle the abuse that energy storing prosthetic systems place on finished products. The resin allows less carbon to be used in the lay-up because of the unique strength of the resin.

Advantages of Advanced Dura-Limb Resin:

  • Low viscosity - offers 100% saturation of composite materials

  • Gels up cold - Will not crush your Pelite liner under pressure. Becomes a solid object before heating up.

  • High flexural strength - Will not stress due to high energy absorbing systems. High flexural strength = decreased socket weight with increased strength.

  • Heat moldable

  • Allows for fine edge buffing

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