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"U-Flate" Skin Sleeves

For assistance in finding a One Step Ahead or U-Flate sleeve to fit your patient, please enter the patientís measurements into our sizing wizard.

Available in 33 different pigment colors and 4 sizes (see size chart below). Custom colors are also available upon request. Please review our U-Flate Special Order Instructions before choosing any of the special order options available, which are shown to the right.

PRS has again accomplished what prosthetists have requested:

  • A shrinkable skin sleeve

  • An improved foot to ankle section

  • A slick skin surface

The U-Flate Expansion Platform incorporates an air valve and includes a clamp. Simply order a U-Flate sleeve in the desired size and color and follow the U-Flate Fitting Instructions. Should you not have an expansion platform, simply ask for your sleeve to be pre-expanded for a small additional charge.

All PRS skin sleeve products have a proven track record for flexibility, durability, and reliability. U-Flate sleeves offer the convenience of heat shrinking for a perfect fit every time. The foot section of U-Flate sleeves are incorporated in a true 90 degree relationship to the ankle to allow for a more natural fit and finish. U-Flate sleeves are manufactured in AK + BK lengths. AK length is 36" long and BK length is 24" long. An elastic band is supplied with all U-Flates.

(30" Length)
(36" Length)
(36" Length)
(36" Length)
  Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min.
Ankle 6 1/8" 12" 6 3/4" 12" 9" 16 1/2" 11"
Calf 8 3/4" 16" 12 1/4" 20" 15" 25" 17"
Thigh 12" 20" 14" 22" 17 1/2" 27" 19 1/2"
Foot Size 18cm min. 22cm min. 25cm min. 27cm min.
Note: Extended lengths and foot sizes are available as special order options.

No returns are accepted on special orders so please be specific in your descriptions. We will call you if we have questions.

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