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Flesh Color System

Flesh Color System

Available in 33 pigment colors. Please be sure to use our color swatches when ordering.
Sold in 8oz. bottles

Formulated for use with EZ-Skin and Stretch EZE.

Can also be used with:

Keep in mind that different resins have various base colors. This will likely cause the pigment to have a slightly different resulting color than the color that would be attained when using with EZ Skin or Stretch EZE. When used with EZ Skin or Stretch EZE, PRS pigments will allow the resulting color to closely resemble the swatches, due to the clear composition of these products. In most cases the pigment will cause other resins to result in a slightly darker tone. PRS recommends using 2% pigment. Always shake the pigment well before using and thin slightly with Acetone.

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8oz. Bottle

Pigment Color

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